The Other Side of the Highway

The Rust Belt is a chain of Midwestern cities that were once marked by industry and heavily populated with workers. Today the Rust Belt is a region marked by empty lots, abandonment, and neglect.

My photographs survey the areas where natural overgrowth is reclaiming the post-industrial landscape. By focusing on the fringe of communities and abandoned areas, I am interested in finding the tension that is created when the natural environment and industrial landscapes collide.

My printmaking work examines these Rust Belt cities in a closer way. I document the objects left behind by people who populate these cities while also examining the overgrowth. My prints bring the viewer’s eye closer to the plants to really understand the different kinds of overgrowth in this area while showing the amount of growth. The objects left behind give the viewer glimpses of what it would be like to walk around this area and constantly be looking at the ground.

While my printmaking gives the audience a micro look at this area my photographs give the viewer a macro view. I use both approaches to get a full understanding of the Rust Belt.